ACME Propellers


“Having been an inboard boat builder for over 20 years, I was more than a little skeptical when I was told by Acme Propellers that I could put their props on my boats and be confident that every set would perform the same as the next. One of the biggest problems we had with props was matching them up to the different horsepower and torque levels from engine to engine. Couple that with the traditional problems of props that are dependent on someone with a hammer and a grinder trying to make them the same and it just adds to the problem. As a result of such inconsistencies with props, we were never really able to develop a dependable curve from which we could know exactly what the boat should be doing at a given RPM.

With the outstanding consistency of Acme props we are now able to develop the curves needed to tell us exactly how the boats should be running at any given RPM. This data has become one of the best tools in dealing with any performance issues that might arise. We can now tell our customer to run at a specific RPM in the mid range and immediately tell if the boat’s bottom or props have been fouled, or if the customer is indeed having engine problems. Add to this the greatly increased efficiency of Acme props and it just becomes a win-win situation.

We put Acme props on our boats direct from the factory, and I can honestly say that for more than three years now we have yet to receive a single prop that has not performed exactly as it should. On twin installations our engines are now normally matched within 10 to 20 RPMs, and from boat to boat within 1 to 2 tenths of a knot in speed.

Acme Propellers do exactly what they say they do. They manufacture the fastest, smoothest, quietest, most accurate and most consistent props your money can buy.”
          – Mac Privott, President, Carolina Classic Boats


“To deal with the effects of high altitude we experiment with a variety of props. Acme props are consistently super-smooth, and just plain perform better. A large range of sizes allows us to select the correct prop for the best possible performance.”
          – Leif Swenson, Master Craft Dealer, S&W Performance, Denver, CO


“We have been in business for 16 years and have sold nearly every brand of inboard propeller. Acme clearly outperforms all other brands. From hole shot to top end our customers prefer the added performance of an Acme.”
          – Jerry & Tim, Master Craft Dealer, Action Water Sports, Hudsonville, Traverse City & Fenton, MI