ACME Propellers

Inboard Pleasure Craft Propellers

There has never been a Pleasure Boat propeller like it before!

Each propeller is box-to-boat ready
Each propeller is
box-to-boat ready

Fully machined Inboard propellers by Acme have revolutionized the propeller manufacturing industry. Acme's superior design, coupled with the 100% CNC process, positions Acme Propellers as the most efficient and consistently smooth performers in the world. Acme Inboard Propellers are engineered for quicker plane times, improved speeds and lower fuel consumption. However, the best news is that, with Acme, superior performance is NOT based on "the luck of the draw". Accuracy is built into the design and manufacturing process. This means that you will spend less time and money, testing and tuning, and more time with your boat in the water and a smile on your face.

All Acme Propellers are cast in our own North American foundry and then 100% CNC machined in one of our two QS-9000 manufacturing facilities.

Computer Numerically Controlled milling machines offer the most accurate and consistent means for removing metal and finishing a propeller to its correct dimensions. This method of production, relative to hand-finished, translates into Acme Propeller perfection and the elimination of one big variable in boat performance.

Acme is currently producing propellers up to 48 ” in diameter. Contact us to see if we have the perfect propeller for your boat and application.

Key Benefits:

  • 100% CNC Accuracy & Consistency
  • Revolutionary Performance
  • Exceptionally Smooth Operation
  • 100% Made in the U.S.A.