ACME Propellers



Engineering & Design

Acme's team of engineers is highly trained and knowledgeable in marine propulsion and can assist or fully size and design propellers for practically any application or requirement. Thorough integration of engineering with manufacturing ensures feasibility and optimization from one stage of propeller development to the next. It also means that every Acme prop is manufactured true to the design intent. So even at the moment when a potential propeller is only a partially constructed image in the mind of an Acme engineer, serious consideration is already being given to the capabilities of the manufacturing process.

Upon completion of the designs and programs, Acme then builds patterns, pours castings, and machines and balances the finished propellers. The fully CNC'd propellers are then entirely ready to be installed in their intended capacity — no adjustments or fine-tuning are required, because any minor adjustments that might be desired can be made in the numerical data of the machine programs and thus translated to the finished parts. Note that there is virtually no outsourcing of operations directly related to the finished product.


Foundry – White Cloud, Michigan, USA

The Acme founcry has decades of experience producing sound propeller castings of superlative integrity. Acme can handle a wide variety of materails and ensure the highest quality propeller product.

Decades of experience producing high quality non-ferrous castings to military specifications has provided a manufacturing foundation ideally suited for ACME propeller castings. Our experience has translated into the ability to handle a wide variety of materials and to deal with the critical aspects of material testing and traceability. Only the finest grades of metal, produced to military specifications, are used in the manufacturing of ACME propellers. Proprietary methods of mold building and material handling ensure ACME props are of the highest quality.

Since the CNC'd surfaces on the propellers cannot be welded without significant alteration to the surface finish, it is important for the castings to be free of defects. In order to maintain the outstanding level of accuracy and consistency in production, a fully CNC’d ACME prop does not allow for the traditional methods of grinding, hammering and welding to obtain the prop's finished specifications. Therefore, it is imperative that the process begins with sound castings of superlative integrity.


Acme Propellers are produced on a foundation of more than seven decades of machining and manufacturing experience. Highly qualified personnel, state-of-the-art machinery, skillfully refined methods, and strict process controls are some of the key contributors to the superior quality and consistency of Acme Propellers.

To further ensure product excellence, expedient delivery, and few-to-zero defects and returns, Acme utilizes proven quality control systems and relentlessly strives for continuous improvement at every level of product development.